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San Pedro Invitation

What’s included in Ceremonial RETREAT:

Two tea ceremonies (plant medicine ceremonies)

Experienced team of shamans and facilitators

Two overnight stays

Ceremony group and group sharing (max. 12 people)

Accommodation in exclusive countryside environment 

Vegan meal prepared by our chef on location (all-inclusive)

One-on-one session with a shaman

Private website account with all information you need to prepare psychically and mentally for the retreat 

Guidance and support after the retreat 

Additional to Ceremonial RETREAT:

One kambo ceremony 800kr 

Massage 800kr

Calendar for 2021

Choose one of the following dates for Ceremonial RETREAT's. For more information, please contact us on

San Pedro Ceremonial Retreats

Benefits of Plant medicine

Benefits of Plant medicine

While there is still much work to be done to demonstrate that sacred plant medicine has therapeutic potential for personal growth and therapy from a scientific point of view, the number of testimonials of people who have had experiences often indicating a clear benefit for the person and his/her immediate surroundings.

These include what is referred to as ‘revelatory’ or ‘refreshing’ experiences with high personal benefit in many ways, both physically and psychologically.

Many people also experience increased feelings of spirituality or mystical states, where they feel one with a greater reality instead of a mere singularity, which ends up giving them courage and strength to continue to face the daily routine. While it is often said that a single dose of plant medicine is more efficient than 10 years of therapy.

"Experienced team of shamans, healers, and facilitators with hundreds of plant medicine ceremonial retreats behind them"

Inner Journeys has formed an incredible team of warmhearted, highly skilled, and respected shamans and healers dedicated to sharing the rich and complex indigenous Peruvian tradition of sacred plant medicine. All our healers have demonstrated over many years that they work with the very best and kindest intentions. We are privileged to work with healers who have practiced the art of spiritual healing with help of sacred plant medicine for more than 10 years.

Skilled facilitators are able to gently encourage ceremony participants to not shrink from difficult experiences but to face, witness, and explore them. They will help you to understand how to work with difficult emotions, how to reclaim their projections, and how to surrender to the process. Based on their own experience of the healing journey, facilitators pass on their knowledge of the importance of letting go of expectations and dropping the need to analyze the healing process, as well as how to work through mental confusion. In short, they guide you on how to remove the obstacles that block our inner healing intelligence and overall healing process.

Plant medicine we work with

Participate in a session with use of any plant medicine should always be conscious decision. This decision should be based on a clear understanding of the potential risks and benefits in relation to your medical history, mental health, and general emotional condition shared with our experienced shamans. Plant medicine can allow an individual to gain more awareness of their emotions, thoughts, behavior, body and relationships. That can facilitate a process of adjustment of these different aspects, resulting in an overall life improvement.

Essential information you need to know about natural substances elit used in our ceremonies:

Before you can attend one of our retreats, it is important that we review information about known medical conditions and/or the usage of any drugs or medication (if applicable), at the time of booking. We evaluate the possibility of attendance on a case by case basis. Therefore, we ask you to fill out this questionnaire as accurately as possible. Of course we will maintain the confidentiality of this information.

Kambo is used for three main reasons:

  1. increased energy and power, heightened senses, focus, clarity, higher ability to cope with stress, hunger and thirst
  2. Vaccine - Malaria, snake bites, fever and infections are some of the difficulties the Natives are using Kambo for. Kambo will boost the immune system proactively, and can help to heal an already affected body system.
  3. Laziness, negativity and destructive flow in life – a ”dark cloud” surrounding a person. Kambo has an ability to eliminate this dark cloud and help a person to enter a easier and more positive flow in life.

San Pedro is one of many master plants in South America and is used today in the Peruvian jungle as one of the five most important master plants. It is a cactus that has been used in South America for generations by shamans and other spiritual seekers as a vehicle for divination.
In different levels the energy of San Pedro harmonize the chakras, helps to get more benefits for certain practices such reiki, reflexology, kinesiology, massages, taichi, yoga , etc.
San Pedro Ceremony is truly transformative and amazing. San Pedro is a very strong medicine, lasts twice as long as Ayahuasca, and opens the heart to love and peace within the self and the world. Ayahuasca is the feminine of the two medicines and San Pedro is the masculine of the medicines.

The purging of tobacco is a healing experience. During the process, the tobacco plant is used in liquid form (or tea) and has positive effects in different planes.
In the physical plane, impurities and toxins are eliminated. It is aimed at anyone who wants to perform a detoxification of the body (snuff, alcohol, drugs, drugs, poor diet). After the emetic and expectorant effect, the person will be able to feel greater lung capacity, feeling of having detoxified the pectoral area and upper respiratory tract, cessation of the typical "whistling" in breathing.
In the psychic and emotional plane are released retained emotions, gives mental clarity, clean all the "chatter", the noise generated by thoughts and stimulates sleep activity.
In the spiritual plane, it can be used to cleanse and prepare the body before an Ayahuasca ceremony as it provides a sensation of openness and energetic cleanliness.


Ayahuasca has a strongly purifying, healing and visionary effect. People often talk about Madre Ayahuasca (Mother Ayahuasca), because many people experience the energy of Ayahuasca as a loving and female energy. When using Ayahuasca your state of consciousness will change, which results in a very clear inner perception. You will get access to deep layers of your consciousness, which makes it possible to reflect on yourself in a very intense way.


In the long-term you can expect an increased immune system and a more balanced energy body. Physical, emotional, energetic, and mental blockages and symptoms can be lifted and, possibly, eliminated – and the risk for future problems will decrease. Panema may be a foreign expression for us in the West, but surely most of us know what it means walking and living in a ”dark cloud”. Kambo can simply help you to relocate your natural vital energy.

San Pedro

San Pedro is a medicine that enables personal transformation and supports the path to healing.
In principle Ayahuasca shows you what you need to change, gives you insight into your challenges and issues while San Pedro gives you the power to make the change.


Before you can attend one of our retreats, it is important that we review information about known medical conditions and/or the usage of any drugs or medication (if applicable), at the time of booking. We evaluate the possibility of attendance on a case by case basis. Therefore, we ask you to fill out this questionnaire as accurately as possible. Of course we will maintain the confidentiality of this information.

We will be in touch by email, you will receive preparation details which will tell you about what to eat and what not to eat as well as other essential information to help you prepare in the coming weeks before your retreat. We will also send you any updates as they arise so you get the most from your retreat. You won’t hear from us every day but we’ll keep you informed of anything you need to know. A few days before the retreat you will receive the meeting point details.

Let us know what they are before you book and we’ll tell you if we can accommodate them. Sometimes there can be certain restrictions at the venue which might present challenges to some participants, but the purpose of this journey is healing so we will do all we can to assist if you have a special healing need.

Email us at any time ( and we’ll get back to you straight away (or, at least, when we have answers for you if your question means we must talk to higher powers!). Please also bear in mind that we are sometimes in a retreat so it can be 3-4 days before you receive a response. 

For technical issues or questions related to your account, Inner Journeys initial screening form, payments etc. contact Vit ( 

Using sacred plant medicine changes your state of consciousness, making your inner perception very strong. You gain access to deeper layers of your consciousness, making it possible to reflect intensively on yourself and on your life. This goes deeper than the average therapy, because the vine can reach deeper subconscious levels and reveal what you were not consciously aware of yet.

However, it is highly important to follow the strict guidelines and diet, to reduce possible risks. Also, the usage of certain drugs/medication or certain physical abnormalities can strongly conflict with the MAO inhibitors that are present in the brew. Therefore, it is important that you carefully answer the questions on our questionnaire and provide us insights into your medical situation before attending any of our retreats.

One of the most important information about safety with ayahuasca is that it is not addictive substance.

personal factors (past conditionings, experience, expectation, physical condition, etc.)
the environment in which it is used (busy, calm, familiar, unsafe, etc.)
the strength of the brew and the dose taken (the origin of the plants and brewing process).
The mental effects of the medicine often predominate. Many users report receiving insights into one’s own (way of) life, or healing through the reliving of past (traumatic) experiences and seeing them in a different light. Some users talk about magical or religious experiences. The various effects of the ayahuasca brew mainly center around purification of the soul and the release of repressed emotions, having spiritual progress as the end goal. This is only possible if it is used in the right setting, where there is support and knowledge about the sacred plant medicine.

During the journey there will be a change of your perception, you will experience the world around you differently. People sometimes describe an HD-vision, which makes things more colorful and intensive. But your auditory perception can change as well. Often, users speak of a completely different experience of time and space. Besides the mental and psychological effects, there can also be physical effects: nausea, purging and/or intestinal cramps.

People often describe the process of vomiting afterwards as expelling the vileness within themselves. The purge seems a psycho-somatic way of one’s mind and body working together with the medicine to flush out the negativity. Some even literally see visions of snakes, dragons or demons being vomited out into the bucket. Often it takes a whole process/journey of nausea to get to the point of actually being able to vomit. Therefore, many participants experience it as a relief and as very cleansing when it does happen. It is something that happens very naturally when it happens, and it should not be feared. It is a normal and healthy part of the experience and may be a huge contribution to the goal of the work—to let go of past trauma or parts of yourself that no longer serve you.

Accommodation and Food

Exclusive and meditative-like environment together with highly nutritious vegan meal.

Fully vegan meals

All meals are prepared on-location by our experienced chef who is cooking her delicious, nourishing and highly nutritious vegan meals from fresh organic ingredients with respect to dietary needs of each and every one of the participants.


Ceremonies are held in exclusive quiet countryside environment in the middle of the nature, surrounded by the forest, fields and lakes away from destructive light and noise pollution. It is important to hold ceremonies in quiet space away from big city, because Plant medicine will amplify all your senses, and every element around will have an impact in the ceremony. Almost meditative-like space will provide you with the ideal conditions to recharge yourself. Big garden will leave you with enough options for a quiet place to rest after the deep inner work you have done.

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